Chicago Facility


We can find rare medical specialists and patients

  • Location: Right down the street from 3 of the largest hospitals in Chicago.  Easier for participants to attend.
  • Experience: We have staff that used to call on local hospitals/physicians’ offices.  We know how to find participants.
  • In Person Recruiting: We can recruit in person.  More face time equals better results.

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Medical Executives Panel

Medical professionals interested in joining our panel?

  • Join our panel and we will contact you the next time we have a project that matches your specialty and interests.
  • Help pharmaceutical, biotech, device makers and others to improve their products and services they provide to you.  Often you also learn about new treatment soon coming to the market.
  • Get paid market rates for your time.

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Recruiting Services


We can recruit for in person, telephone, bulletin boards, webcam interviews and online surveys

MedQuery has conducted over 2,000 recruiting projects with rare specialties and patients – we can find them for you!

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About Us

MedQuery is a different type of fielding company.  We only specialize in medical recruiting. Our heritage is pharmaceutical/medical sales and marketing.

We know how to find and help persuade medical personnel to participate in market research. Because we only recruit medical, we understand all the medical terminology and screener nuances that make a project successful.

Our staff has considerable experience working in medical recruiting.

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Difficult Medical Recruiting Made Easy...

• MedQuery only does medical recruiting

• MedQuery can recruit any kind of medical respondent Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients, lab managers, and hospital executives

• Convenient facility to Chicago’s largest hospitals

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